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Dear Guests,
Welcome to our home. We have put much love and effort into making your stay with us pleasant. Please help us by reading the following:



– Normal Check-in time starts at 4 pm, but every effort will be made to accommodate earlier or later Check-ins (if arranged in advance). 

* According to article 116 of the Tourism Act, all guests are required to provide the necessary personal data upon arrival.

* If not payed in advanced, guests must complete their payment upon arrival.


– Check-out time is up till 11 am. Please tell us in advance if you require a later Check-out and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.

Room keys on arrival

– During normal working hours the keys from the house will be handed over to the guest after payment and administration. Special arrangements for key collection must be made for late arrivals.

Room keys on departure

– Please leave the keys on the entrance door. Guests do not have to lock the door on departure. However please close all doors and windows completely when leaving.

Room keys during long term stay

– Long term stay over guests must lock the house on their way out and keep their set of keys for the duration of stay.

Lost key or damaged lock will be charged.

– The cost for replacement of lost room keys or damaged locks is applicable and a total amount of 30EUR for lost keys and 100 EUR for lock replacement is to be paid immediately.

Parking Lot

– Parking is available free of charge for all house guests

– Do not leave any valuables inside your car while it is parked. Casa Apriltsi Guest House cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any such articles while your car is parked.

Duration of Stay

– Short term stay is concidered up to 3 nigts (incl). Long term stay is 4 nights and above. During a short term stay the guests should take care of cleaning on their own (unless otherwise arranged). During a long term stay the management will provide periodic cleaning.



– Smoking is completely forbidden inside the house.

– Smoking is permitted outside the house, please use the ashtrays placed in the yard and barbecue area.


– Musical instruments, radios, televisions, stereos, and/or any other source of amplified sound shall be played at a volume that shall not disturb or annoy other guests or the neighbours. We shall pay particular attention to limiting noise between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

* According to the National Noise Legislation, any outdoor noise or loud music are forbidden after 10 pm and between 2 pm-4 pm.  Fines could be between 500 and 3000 lev.


– The house uses a water treatment plant. No toilet paper, cigarette buds, cotton buds, tampons, sanitary pads or any other material may be flushed down the toilet. Charges will occur for any blockage for the amount of 150 Euro.


- Each house has its own fireplace. Never leave the fire without attendance. Keep children and pets away from the fireplace. Please, do not use it for cooking :)


– The house uses a hydrophore system. We do not recommend drinking tap water.


– Children below 12 yrs are not permitted in the pool without an attendant!


–  Please protect the house and its property. Treat it as your own :)

–  Please, make sure to leave all rooms and outdoor areas in good condition - the way you found them. Don't leave any trash or food. 

–  Although the guesthouse management takes responsible steps to ensure the safety and security of all guests and their possessions, guests retain final responsibility for their own safety and security.

– Keep the house locked at all times when absent.

– Guests have no access to rooms and areas marked “PRIVATE”.


– Keep the barbecue area clean. After use leave it as you’ve found it;

– Never leave the barbecue unattended once it has been lit;

– Keep children and pets away from the barbecue area


We love pets and they are allowed in the property. But please, inform us in advance, we also have a dog :)

– Waste removal – guests must pick up after their pet 

General incapacity

– Casa Apriltsi Guest House cannot be held liable if any of the following events or conditions prevents the guest house from fulfilling its obligation to guests. However, we will take necessary steps to minimize disruption and discomfort to guests under these conditions:

* Unanticipated interruption to electricity, water, sewage to and from the guest house;

* Industrial actions, civil uprising or criminal activity;

* Fire, frost, flooding, wind or any other force major event.

We keep good friendship with our neighbours. If we receive complaints, you will be given a warning. Further complaints are subject to the termination of stay. We reserve the right to end a reservation if a guest becomes a disturbance/nuissance to others, including management.

Please respect the house and its occupants.

Environmental Policy

– The owners of Casa Apriltsi Guesthouse are dedicated to the protection of our planet's resources and would encourage our guests to help us by:

* Switching off lights when not in use;

* Ensuring that taps are always turned off after use;

* Avoiding the unnecessary use of towels – just use what you need!;

* The room temperature during winter is 21C

* Please, sort the recyclable rubbish as instructed (separate plastic, metal and glass)

* We thank you for your comprehension and co-operation.

And last, but not least, if you need anything just call +359898647098 - 24/7, or knock on our door. We will be happy to help!

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